13 February 2010

Six for the list!

Had a good day today. Sunshine threatened all day, but only broke through in small portions. Still, grey cloud is better than rain.

I was up early for the Birdwatch morning at WWT Slimbridge with Dave Paynter (I'm pretty sure that was his name). Clearly a wealth of knowledge at his disposal. We checked out the entrance fields, and the hides up to the Holden Tower. All the usual suspects spotted, including my first Oystercatcher, Ruff (finally!) and Peregrine of the year.

To be honest, I doubt I would do the morning again for the bird spotting, as nothing was picked up that I wouldn't spot myself (which is quite reassuring!)... but the commentary about the reserve, and titbits about the birds and their habits were most welcome.

The demonstration of the ringing of a female Tufted Duck was excellent. I emerged further enthused about the beginner ringing course I have book for August in Devon (FSC, Slapton).

In the afternoon I pootled off to Hawling for the Yellowhammers, Tree Sparrows and Corn Buntings that have been reported near the Dairy Farm recently. I'm pleased to report that all three showed well. Certainly my first Tree Sparrows and I can't recall an occasion when I've seen Corn Buntings - but since I've only been keeping logs for 18 months now I cannot say for certain. I've had many views of Yellowhammers, but none as satisfying as these. Some of the yellow was dazzling! What follows are three more lousy pictures taken without proper digiscoping equipment:

Year list up to 88, to be found here.

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