14 February 2010


I hadn't planned to go anywhere today, but when this afternoon rolled around and the weather was still rather lovely it seemed such a waste to stay at home. Thus, off to Sharpness in the hope of seeing the female Black Redstart. I'd not been to Sharpness before, so it was a very pleasant surprise with great opportunities to walk along the river and some great habitats. Once you break free of the docks, that is!

The Black Redstart obliged within ten minuntes of arriving, and showed extremely well for a further ten. It was darting between the end house and the second to last house. Didn't go across to the Ned West building.

Also had great views of a Grey Wagtail - which had a bit of a go at the Black Redstart at one point on the roof of the end house! Both birds retreated with their dignity intact.

One the mud along the shore were Black-headed Gulls, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, a solitary Curlew and Grey Heron and six Redshank. Glimpsed what looked like a flock of buntings in a grassy fields just behind the shore, but didn't get a second look and so couldn't be sure what they were.

90 birds on the list now!

Frustrated that the Ring-becked Duck was refound at Slimbridge today! Be gone / missing again by next weekend I imagine. I note also that a Short-eared Owl showed just north of Hawling today, when I'd spent all afternoon in the area yesterday for the Yellowhammers et al!

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