03 December 2010


Another half-day from work (have to use them up!), another for the year list. The Waxwings (year tick 210) in the cemetery off New Street in Ledbury were a wonderful treat. Between 30 and 40 birds, I reckoned. Unfortunately the Sun disappeared as soon as I arrived (after such a clear morning, too!), so photography was not the order of the day. Twas gloomy. So I oggled, and cooed, and generally decided that these birds are just too perfect. I did take some snaps, but only those of a someone stuck at 'camera grade one'.

Truly, it is hard to drag oneself away from these things. This was by far my most intimate Waxwing encounter and I'm tempted to revisit if they stick around. I left the cemetary to a chorus of Waxwing calls. Joyous.

Oh yeah, a female Crossbill dropped in very briefly, too - just about id'able in the middle distance gloom as I left. Which I thought was odd.

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