30 October 2010

Nothing Much About (ie. no Waxwings!).

A morning jaunt around Saul Warth, Frampton lakes and Slimbridge produced no Waxwings (current objects of my desire). I checked out every Berry tree I could find! The blighters will get this far sooner or later, right?

Saul produced a Treecreeper, two Kestrels, one Peregrine (seemingly enjoying flushing Curlews on the estuary) and large numbers of Long-tailed Tits. As I walked along the edge of the river, I came across five or six Skylarks engaged in mid air combat, and also competing (it seemed) in displays of their hovering prowess. More than once a bird was hovering at head height no more than fifteen yards infront of me. I could get my scope on them. Brilliant views! On the estuary only Gulls, Curlews and Shelducks.

I did see an apparently large Falcon being mobbed by both gulls and corvids as I made my way to the river past Saul's right-hand flash. I only had two views as whatever was going on was going on too close to the shore on lower ground, and thus out of view. Most likely it was a large female Peregrine - as my views were both in silhouette so the size might've been deceptive - and the bird's wings were quite pointed. Still, it provided some intrigue and had me rushing through mud to get another view before it flew off. Alas, by the time I got to the shore it had flown off.

The Frampton lakes held nothing out of the ordinary. Incidentally, there were people sailing on the Sailing Lake! This make checking out the present birds harder, and was unnacceptable! ;-)

I finished up at Slimbridge for a quick peek at the Rushy. The Whooper Swan was present, but the Pinkfoot (if it was there) was not visible.

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