16 October 2010

Lesser Yellowlegs.

The obliging Lesser Yellowlegs (year tick 202: lifer 217) was a nice Saturday afternoon twitch. Port Meadow is an excellent spot... what with Farmoor and Otmoor I'm beginning to feel some envy towards the folk of Oxon! I tried to take some photos, although usable light (and I only mean usable, not any sort of good) lasted for about five minutes, during which I was scrabbling to decide what to do. Even though I'm not getting results yet (this was like, my fourth ever outing with it and an SLR - I'm still learning to balance the various settings good effect), when I get the chance I do love playing with this 500mm lens!

Also two Ruffs, three Little Stints, a few Dunlin and Redshank. Behold a Ruff:

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