25 October 2010

Great Grey Shrike.

I heard about it just after I got home from the Forest yesterday. Despite knowing full well that it would be dark by my arrival, I still went. Saw nothing, and caught the edge of a hailstorm.

The bird wasn't reported at all this morning, but I took a half-day from work and was beside the heather enclosure by 1300hrs. One lap of the enclosure later the Great Grey Shrike (year tick 205) finally appeared, shuttling back and forth between the fencing and the top of the path leading down to the Washpool.

It didn't stay still, though - at all - and would not tolerate any approaches. As soon as it spotted me moving towards it (often more than c.100 yards) it flew. Thus, my photographs are little more than record shots.

I'm delighted to get this bird without too much of a drive. Very convenient! Indeed, who knows when the I'll next get both Great and Lesser Grey Shrike (Scilly, 9th Sept.) on my UK year list!

Also noted were three flocks of Fieldfare, each maybe 15 birds strong.

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