29 May 2010

Red-footed Falcon.

Today I had a choice. Try for the 1st summer Red-footed Falcon at Wiltstone Reservoir in Hertfordshire, or the Little Bittern in Somerset. Despite driving into the rain, I chose the Falcon.

Good choice! The reservoir was teeming with Common Terns, Swifts, House Martins and Sand Martins - with three or four Hobbies hawking over the reedbeds. If it hadn't been raining one might've enjoyed the sight!

The Falcon was sat (for all the time I watched it) in a Hawthorn tree. I believe the spot was 'Cemetery Corner'. It had chosen an isolated branch. This made for great views. I got a couple of lousy record shots, but really it was all about enjoying a glorious bird.

On the way back I stopped in Aylesbury to watch a Red Kite appear to hunt over a housing estate!

And as I turned onto my street at home, a Grey Heron landed on a roof. Behold:

I gather the Little Bittern wasn't seen all day. A shame, as that was going to Monday's target.

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