09 January 2011


In glorious sunshine, a poke around the habitats at Sharpness at high tide (1030hrs to approximately 1300hrs). Maybe something good would come up river, or on the turn?

No. Maybe a Black Redstart would show up?

No. But there were plenty of...

Still, the Pied Wags plus six others for the year list (now 74) in the form of (and in chronological order*) Pied Wagtail (lol), Wren (lol), Reed Bunting, Grey Wagtail, Goldfinch, Rock Pipit (the 'double picture' below is of the same bird) and Redshank. Nothing remarkable, but in this weather you really can't avoid a good view of a bird. Six Cormorants were observed flying down river, and many Gulls (mostly Common) were seen to float down on the tide along with two Shelduck. The Redshanks (two birds) showed well just as the mud began to expose, as did two Curlews. Finally, a flock of c.10 Linnets were seen a number of times. Too wary to pin down for a photograph.

I love the scrub area just beyond the Ned West building. It's a great spot to watch the various Tits and Finches going about their business.

Between Berkeley and Sharpness I stopped to watch a couple of Kestrels (1m/1f) engaged in battle / courtship. They were alternately ambushing each other over the right to sit atop this electricity pylon.

*I always keep my year list in the precise order I see each new bird, which makes a notebook essential. One can easily forget the order after the fact.

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