04 October 2010

Witcombe Monday.

I decided to do a full count at Witcombe this evening - only birds on, over or on the shore of the Reservoirs. Ever hopeful of a good bird at the location, I was again disappointed.

2 Little Grebes
9 Great Crested Grebes (incl. two juvenile birds - one constantly calling to it's parent)
1 Grey Wagtail
13 Pied Wagtails
13 Mallards
58 Coot
6 Tufted Duck (one with a very significant ('Scaup-esque') amount of white at the bill base)
2 Mute Swans
A large gang of Long-tailed Tits (c.20 birds?) around the abandoned cottage (4 Blue Tits also present)
17 Black-headed Gulls
c.25 Crows (counted in one sweep incl. flying birds)
c.100 Swallows. And when I say 100, it could've been half as many again. A vast flock (the biggest I've ever seen there) feeding like crazy over the water. I guess they're on their way out of the country for the winter...

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