22 August 2010

Wood Sandpiper.

A trip to Ryall Pits in Worcestershire (not very far up the M5) produced a very satisfying lifer. The Wood Sandpiper had been reported early afternoon, and so a late afternoon trip threatened disappointment. Fortunately the bird was present on the southern scrape - interacting with a couple of Green Sandpipers.

Noticably more elegant than the two Greens and sole Common it shared the scrape with, the Wood's yellow-green legs, prominent white supercilium and bold upperparts leapt through the eyepiece.

Also present was a Little Ringed Plover, a Little Grebe and many House Martins and Sand Martins.

I still don't possess a decent camera and adapter setup for my DCA, so below are my best efforts at photographing the Wood. Dreadful. Indeed, if you ignore the splash of supercilium you could mistake it for a Common. But it's not. It's a beautiful Wood.

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