18 July 2010

Turtle Dove.

A late afternoon trip to Ruardean Hill produced one Turtle Dove. I parked the car about a hundred yards down the road from the phone box, and within five minutes heard one purring. A choice sound indeed, and one I don't hear often enough. I located the approximate source - a large tree - and waited it out. After five minutes I spotted the bird perched on an inner branch. A great, full on view. I only had my binoculars to hand, so decided to go back to the car for my scope. Perhaps a photo was possible. I returned to the tree just as it flew out of site. Still, a nice and easy tick. Most welcome.

An hour later - from Nagshead's Lower Hide - about a million Blue Tits, a couple of young Jays and briefly a Redstart. Of course, no Pied Flycatchers (still can't believe my misfortune there). Gonna need a good bird to make up for that lost tick...

Earlier in the day there had been one Common Tern over the Sailing Lake, the two ex-breeding plumage Ruffs on the WWT's South Lake (really only hints of former splendour, but the closest I've got to the full monty thus far), and c.12 Little Ringed Plover from the Holden Tower. It was the first time I've seen their young birds.

165 for the year now. If I could crack 200 I'd be very pleased.

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