23 April 2010

Tree Pipit & Cuckoo.

An anticlockwise walk from Wardens Wood to West Wood to Wontley Farm and back to Wardens Wood was notable for:

- My first ever Tree Pipit at Wardens Wood. Only briefly, but good enough to identify (plumage and song). Very pleased with that.
- At least four Cuckoos calling after emerging out of West Wood but only one seen. An even briefer view of this than the Tree Pipit; I caught it spinning around trying to catch its balance after landing on a branch too slender to support it. By the time I'd readied my scope, it had gone. At least 50 Linnets in a ploughed field here, too. Noisy!
- South of Wontley Farm many Meadow Pipits, a smart male Stonechat and a male Yellowhammer.

I also may have glimpsed a Cetti's Warbler in low foliage at Wardens Wood, but cannot be sure as the view only lasted a split second and the bird's rear end was not visible.

P.S. If I don't see a Wheatear or Whitethroat of any description tomorrow I'm gonna scream.

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