19 March 2010

Great White Egret.

Upon hearing a Great White Egret had been seen at Ashleworth Ham on Wednesday my Spidey Sense began to tingle.

You see, I've recently purchased the new Collins paperback and ticked in it the birds I've seen. I ticked Great White Egret (or 'Great Egret' as Collins has it) - but ticked it in error. This was only last week. Having never seen a Great White Egret in Gloucestershire I suspected it would be sometime before the opportunity to legitimise this tick would present itself.

So this bird HAD to be seen. Thursday at work was tortuous. I had to be in, but worried that it would not stick around into the Friday (when I had the morning booked off). Fortunately it did, and at 8am this morning I was happily viewing the bird. And what a splendid bird.

I was pleased to read on Paul Master's blog the history of the bird. Click on the link for details. Good stuff. Ringing proving its worth.

After a good time spent watching and enjoying the bird I still had a few hours before I had to get to work in Cheltenham. So I scooted over to Coombe Hill Meadows for the Dark-bellied Brent Goose (first Brent Goose for me!). I also knowingly identified a Stock Dove for the first time.

So basically, a morning with three lifers!


(also, Ashleworth Ham was crawling with Snipe!)

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