18 January 2010

Can't find the Smew.

Went to see the Ruddy Duck and Redhead Smew at court lake on Sunday. Found the Ruddy Duck with no problems, but the Smew was nowhere to be seen! Spent ages scanning for it, too. Then I read that others saw it that day, and indeed today. Grrr....

Year list now upto 72 with the addition of Whooper Swan and Sparrowhawk at Coombe Hill and the aforementioned Ruddy Duck.

What splendid birds Red-crested Pochards are. Seen them a few times this year but never a really close look. I was afforded such a privilege at Court Lake on Sunday and could only marvel. Wish they stayed all year round!

Need to go off to the forest soon to chalk off all the tits and finches, etc... I'm still missing. A Redpoll would be a first for me, as would Hawfinch.

Also, I wonder if the Black Redstart will still be at Sharpness on Saturday?

I am thinking of taking a trip upto Scotland in the Spring to see the White-tailed Eagle, Golden Eagle and Osprey. I wonder if it can be done in a long weekend (Friday to Monday). The Sea Eagle should be straightforward enough - as should Osprey - but where to go with a good chance of seeing a Golden Eagle I dunno.

Finally, although I need a new tripod, and a new stay-on case for my Swaro... I'm beginning to think the next birding purchase should be something like Cley Spy's Mulepack. Carting the tripod about is rewarding when you get great views of a bird, but a pain in the ass when you can't spring to your bins at a milliseconds notice.

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